Flybox Eggstasy Chaos

Eggstasy launched this new product offering in early 2023. Chaos is similar to their regular Eggstasy, but this product has long pearl fibers mixed in for even more flash than Electric Eggstasy! As mentioned, this product is built on the core offering of Eggstasy that we all know and love.

This new material can be tied like a chenille and is made from very thin NX-Gen Fibre that traps water like a sponge while delivering a translucent shimmer that adds a lifelike appeal to hungry fish which provides realistic action in the water.

Available in the below colors:

RES-107 Eggstasy Chaos Blood Red   

RES-189 Eggstasy Chaos Candy Pink   

RES-176 Eggstasy Chaos Fire Orange   

RES-125 Eggstasy Chaos Fl Red   

RES-121 Eggstasy Chaos Fl Yellow   

RES-203 Eggstasy Chaos Sockeye   

RES-113 Eggstasy Chaos Sunburst   

RES-205 Eggstasy Chaos Sweetcorn

RES-120 Eggstasy Chaos Fl Chartreuse

RES-208 Eggstasy Chaos Fl Cheese

RES-190 Eggstasy Chaos Fl Peach  

RES-22 Eggstasy Chaos Salmon Pink     

RES-191 Eggstasy Chaos Salmon Roe  

RES-106 Eggstasy Chaos Hot Pink

RES-195 Eggstasy Chaos UV White